Once Upon a 60 Pound Weight Loss

A couple weeks ago, I finally hit the 60 pound weight loss mark. It was another major accomplishment in my weight loss journey, so I celebrated by taking a shopping day with my Momma yesterday. We celebrated the completion of my initial challenge with a shopping trip, too. I, of course, documented a successful dress purchase and texted it to my best friend saying “I’m obsessed with this dress and I can’t remember the last time I bought something this tight that I felt good in!” And it’s true, I did feel great in that dress because I thought I looked slim, trim, and ready for a night out on the town.


And I did……at that point.


Yesterday, not only did I purchase jeans that were a 8 sizes smaller than where I was 18 months ago, but I also bought a dress that was a size 4 and almost bought one in a size 2.

L: March 2013 (17 pounds down) R: April 2014 (60 pounds down)

L: March 2013 (17 pounds down)
R: April 2014 (60 pounds down)



This is my “OMG I just fit into a size 2” face


At my heaviest weight of almost 200 pounds, I never thought I’d ever be able to fit into a size 2 again. Ever. However, with all this weight loss and fitness success, I have had a flood of thoughts over questions and comments that have been asked/stated in the past several years. Some of them from peers, some from pageant judges, and some from my own family members. One in particular was asked during a pageant interview shortly after I graduated.

I answered a variety of questions regarding the 4 points of the crown, my platform, etc. Then, one of the judges asked me a question that I will never, ever forget.

“Why do you think you have a chance at winning today? You do realize there has never been a plus-sized Miss America, don’t you?”

His tone was very condescending, and his question followed one regarding my platform of “Celebrate EveryBODY: Beauty Comes in All Sizes”, which promoted eating disorder prevention. I paused for a moment, mostly because I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and the lump forming in my throat, then I calmly said:

“Yes, I’m very much aware of that. However, with all due respect, sir, before 2008 we never had a black president either. Change is a brilliant and powerful thing.”

Change is, indeed, a very powerful thing. Whether you’re changing your lifestyle, your religion, your relationship, your hair color, or even just your shoes—a little bit of change can go a long way. I’ve made many, many changes in my life in the past 18 months. For the first time in my life, I’m not going to settle for just anything. The future is bright. I better get my shades.

Here’s to the next fitness achievement. Leggo.


Alpha Delta Pi: All Of The Above

of love & roses

Women in Alpha Delta Pi are all of the above:

They’re classy.

They’re amazing.

They’re fabulous.

They’re sweet.

They’re fun.

They’re empowered.

They’re independent.

They’re strong-willed.

They’re funny.

They’re beautiful.

They’re down-to-earth.

They’re kind.

They’re compassionate.

They’re caring.

They’re courteous.

They’re generous.

They’re loving.

They’re sweethearts.

They’re true friends for a lifetime.

They’re true sisters.

They’re genuine.

They’re sincere.

They’re driven.

They’re motivated.

They dazzle, sparkle & shine bright like diamonds.

They’re vibrant.

They’re confident.

They’re intelligent.

They’re assured.

They’re women of strong character & integrity.

They both live & promote their sisterhood.

Above all, ADPis live for each other!!

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Sorority Life: Sorority Spotlight – Alpha Delta Pi

First. Finest. Forever


of love & roses

For over 162 years, Alpha Delta Pi has found so many ways to shine brightly like diamonds.

For over 162 years, Alpha Delta Pi has found ways to enrich the lives of its undergraduate & alumnae members, as well as the world.

For over 162 years, Alpha Delta Pi has found ways to inspire, encourage & empower women to bring about change for the better through philanthropy, service & various leadership opportunities.

For over 162 years, Alpha Delta Pi has inspired, empowered & encouraged its members to become the best leaders, contributors & difference-makers that they can possibly be.

For over 162 years, Alpha Delta Pi has continued to be so much more than words on a page. Alpha Delta Pi is a way of life.

For over 162 years, Alpha Delta Pi has inspired, encouraged & empowered its members to give graciously & selflessly.

For over 162 years, Alpha…

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Do You Remember……..

When snowmen were still cool (no pun intended)

When chocolate milk was only served on Fridays

When math assignments were one page with drawings and fill-in-the-blanks

Where Show-and-Tell was the highlight of the week

When essays consisted of a paragraph or two

When sarcasm was a word few of us used…..and even then, those who did probably didn’t know what it meant

When the PTO Carnival was all the rage

When everyone knew your name

what you liked

what you wanted to be

Where popularity was not an issue

When you were friends with everyone

When there was no gossip,

No cheating

No heartbreak,

No biased opinions

When life was simple and we forgot yesterday, enjoyed today, and lived for tomorrow

When we swore we’d be friends forever

When the time until our senior year seemed like an eternity

When you could tell a friend you loved them and mean it whole heartedly

When all was well and we didn’t have a care in the world—oh, how I miss the good old days