Attention Dieters: There is NO Magic Pill.

After being snowed in for 4 days and having nothing really to do outside of working out, I watched more TV than I have in the past week. What started as being sucked into yet another Law & Order: SVU marathon turned into the biggest research project I’ve done since college. At least one out of every 5 commercials was for something weight loss related, either diet plan or diet pill, that promised “miraculous results” in just a few short weeks.

Before I was introduced to AdvoCare, I tried just about every diet pill and weight loss plan on the market. I had no idea how to eat right, how to have a proper exercise regiment, or,most importantly, the confidence to move forward. SlimQuick, Hydroxycut, Alli, and OxyElite Pro were the main products that I used & expected to fix my weight problem. I saw commercials for 3 of the 5 while watching TV over the past 4 days, and it amazed me how much they make the products seem like a magic pill.

NEWSFLASH: There is no such thing.

I’m no doctor–I have no professional medical or nutritional training. What I do have is personal experience with yo-yo dieting, diet pill popping, and lots of disappointment with both. This entry is by no means to give an expert opinion, but rather to give a personal account of why I believe these are not only a waste of money, but even dangerous if used improperly.  So, anyone who is looking to lose weight and looking to OTC Diet Pills for help–this is for you.

I tried the pills, the powder packets, and about everything else they put on the market. Nothing. At the time I began taking the pills seriously, I was working with a personal trainer and eating right. I lost maybe 5 pounds over the course of a month. I wasn’t impressed at all. Outside of just not working, it really didn’t have any major issues with it.

Verdict: Waste of Money

I used several of the pill products (Regular, Max, and Hardcore) over the course of several months. The chiseled abs and toned physiques the company promised were enticing, and they made it seem so easy! After about 8 months and hundreds of dollars spent, I lost a mere 6 pounds. I wasn’t eating right and wasn’t exercising much at all, so that’s probably why I had such poor results. I had few side effects, the two biggest being nausea and restlessness. Once again, not impressed.

Verdict: Meh.

This was potentially one of the worst decisions ever. Like most diet plans, the Alli system required a low-fat diet. While other diet pills will simply not work if you eat too many fatty foods, Alli has a nasty way of reminding you that you screwed up. You poop yourself.

I’m not even kidding, side effects include “Changes in your bowel function often occur because of the unabsorbed fat. Fatty/oily stool, oily spotting, intestinal gas with discharge, a feeling of needing to have a bowel movement right away, increased number of bowel movements, or poor bowel control may occur. These side effects may get worse if you eat more fat than you should. If these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor promptly.”

I don’t know about you, but the idea of leaking oil out of my butt-hole was enough to make me stop using that junk ASAP.  Luckily, the only problem I had was needing to make a dash for the bathroom at Ussain Bolt speed.

Verdict: Absolute Crap……pun intended.

I found this product while on a vitamin website and saw this description:

“The proven formula of OxyElite Advanced from USP Labs boosts your energy levels and burns stubborn belly fat. This formula also reduces hunger pains, cravings and late night snack binges while giving you the energy needed to gain muscle and burn fat. Build up your dose gradually to achieve your desired weight loss.”

I didn’t even get to the point of building up my dose gradually because I felt so bizarre when I took the pills.  I honestly felt like I had been drinking each time I took a dose. Sweating, dizziness, tingling in my hands and feet–it was borderline awful. I also got EXTREMELY nauseated the majority of the time I took it. Most website reviews I read said that all the side effects were caused by the caffeine. My guess would be, for me, from something outside of that. I do not have a sensitivity to caffeine and was used to being full of it throughout the day.  I only used one bottle and never purchased it again. I hated not feeling in control because of a diet pill!

Verdict: Not for the weak–not something I’d recommend.

With all this being said, I realize that everyone is different. My honest suggestion to anyone who has a desire to get healthy or lose weight with the help of a nutritional company is to try AdvoCare. This isn’t a plug, this is truth. I tried just about everything on the market to try to lose weight, but it was not until AdvoCare was introduced to me that I found my answer. The products are amazing, the support is incredible, and the results speak for themselves.

One year (and 50+ pounds) later, a whole new person has been uncovered!

One year (and 50+ pounds) later, a whole new person has been uncovered!

Through the support of my team, the dedication I gave to my transformation, and the quality of the products, I discovered the champion I had hidden within.

There is no such thing as a magic pill that will allow you to eat a Big Mac and become a size 2 overnight. Weight loss takes education, dedication, and a lot of hard work. This is why I chose to become an AdvoCare distributor–so that I can BE the support for others who are in the desperate spot I was a year ago.

One of my favorite quotes is one that I heard at Success School last August from Tyler DeBerry. He said “Live your dream and share your passion. You will not accomplish anything unless you become intolerant of where you are.” It took me less than a year to uncover a whole new person, and I’m still going strong.

Be brave, be bold, and become what you were meant to be. Are you ready to find your inner champion?


Mass Hysteria, Lightning Strikes, and 8 Gallons of Water

It’s a known fact that Indiana weather is about as indecisive as a woman in a shoe store. In early April, it went from 80° and sunny to 30° and snowing within a matter of days. Our springs are like a roller coaster, our summers are hot and stormy or hot and dry, our falls are…well….ok they’re alright..and our winters are usually mild.

It’s June 12th…..welcome to storm season.

After the tragedy in Moore, OK last month, everyone’s been on high alert whenever severe storms pop up. Today was one of those days. ALL day, all anyone could talk about was this Derecho line that was supposed to sweep the entire state of Indiana off to Oz. I’m talking tornadoes, VW sized hail, winds, flooding, the works. Since I’ve lived in the beautiful Hoosier state my entire life, I’m used to the threat of severe weather. Do nights like this still scare the bajesus out of me? You betcha. Do I pace around like a mad woman? No.

That’s my mother’s job.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother dearly but the woman is constantly paranoid over things she can’t control. She began freaking out this afternoon around 1 pm when the NWS put Northern Indiana in the “High Risk” category for “the first time since 2012!” (I then reminded her that was last year…so, no big deal.) I get home from work and the woman has 4 flashlights equipped with emergency strobes and laser pointers, a bag of dog food, and 8 gallons of water to put downstairs to prep for the night’s storms. She then proceeded to send my brother and I (ages 19 and 24, respectively) to go pack things in a duffle bag to prepare.

Mass Hysteria is something that is inevitable when the news is trying to prepare a large group of people for an event. 95% of NE Indiana was completely psyched out of their mind for this storm. My father, a very wise man and a veteran firefighter, looked at the radar and said “It’s going to weaken as it comes across…it’s nothing to worry about.” He called it. He completely called it.

As I’m waiting for the last of this line to pass through, I can’t help but think about the “what if’s”. Thank god my mother prepared in case we would have had a tornado. Thank god we knew what the worst case scenario would be before the storms hit. Thank god I still had power to blog.

The lightning is intense outside, the rain is soothing, and I’m going to fall asleep knowing I’ll have a house to wake up to in the morning.