I Didn’t Buy My Friends, I Was Blessed With Them

For those who don’t know, I’m from a very small town–A very conservative, closed minded, secluded from the real world small town. I graduated 11th in a class of 132 and was one of 3 to go Greek in college. I was the ONLY one from my class that joined a PHC sorority. Everyone always pegged me for a future sorority girl when I was in high school, but somehow were surprised when I announced in January 2009 that I had joined Alpha Delta Pi. I got mixed reactions from people, ranging from “OMG that’s so awesome” to “What’s A-Triangle-Table mean?”.

My main reason for joining a sorority was for the sisterhood. I always wanted a sister growing up, but never got one. Yes, I have pretty much the coolest little brother ever, but I resented him for the first 12 years of his life for being a boy. I also was interested in the philanthropy aspect, with the social perks coming in last place. I’ve heard a lot of crazy things regarding Greek life in the years since I joined, but the one thing that continually grinds my gears is

“Oh so you buy your friends, huh? That’s all fraternities and sororities are about–buying your friends. You join for the reputation and all the wrong reasons.”

Well, I hate to break it to you Ginger GDI, but that’s not at all the case; especially for me. When I accepted my bid to  ADPi, I came into a struggling house with a pledge class of 11 girls. I had people tell me to leave, that I would be better off NOT being Greek than being a member of the sorority I loved. I also was taunted on a daily basis for wearing my letters proudly across the Indiana University campus. I didn’t let it get to me; I was proud to be an Alpha Delta Pi and nothing that anyone could say or do could change my mind. I was determined, along with the rest of my pledge class, to expand our chapter and grow into the house we knew we could be. In 2 years I saw our house grow from under 50 members to having over 120, from a pledge class of 11 to a pledge class of 82.

Being in a sorority is not about themed parties, tailgate kegstands or welcoming home walks of shame. It’s about sisterhood, loyalty, love and perseverance to beat the odds when everyone else is against you. The creed of Alpha Delta Pi says

“I believe in Alpha Delta Pi. I believe that my sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol; that it’s a way of life”

I DO believe in Alpha Delta Pi, and the fact that it is far more than a ritual, symbol, or a mere extra curricular activity. Being Greek is far more than parties, pairs, and formals. It’s about being with a group of people you couldn’t live without. It’s about standing together to support a philanthropy. It’s about making friendships that withstand anything. I now have over 120 sisters that I can literally say I could never live without.

So why do people continually pull the “Buying Friends” card? Is it jealousy? Is it misunderstanding? Perhaps we’ll never know, but to all of those who don’t understand–think of it this way. It’s merely putting letters and a house with a group of your best friends. Simple, right? To me, it will always mean so much more. Some people think that after your 4 years are done, you’re no longer Greek. For some organizations, that may be true, but Alpha Delta Pi prides itself on being the first, the finest, and forever–I am and will forever be an Alpha Delt.

I didn’t buy my friends, I was blessed with an abundance of them.



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